Tuesday, May 26, 2009

well I made a chose would I go to heaven in the Tardus and its had a lot of owner's and would be another time.
this came round as a bargan at the auction I am the winer, Jesus has payed for the trip

Monday, May 25, 2009

come and eat

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Is any one comunicating with a ring

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Well goodness gracious me my guru said to me as I was shopping for a cardboard box to live in
I came upon a beauty guided by a ring to me I could install a peace and warp drive
ring generator this will project us through time and space that I may come before the end of time,
on the back platform and install one of those old comforts of home a wood stove.
from there the TARDUS could appear in any space and time guided by the ring of light and of course an angel as my driver.
TK Bedford Truck it also has a place for a dickybird to sleep at the side
haven't inquired what ring to use there are so many to chose from 324
the rings are open to your input, what you put in is cherished and directed in a new solution made to order

I can generate potental from of any ring some are more suited than others and there are 18 suit's to try and fit said Mydis to the Elf .
There are holes in my under pants well thats true of everyone that wheres them, there for you
must be holey to fit them, myhut mygrundy did'ent need them, never craved them at all in his holy life I'm sure he had a ring

well I've been honered

well I've been honored by elfwax and here we are a line upon a page, a picture on the wall
Leeds to where I don't recall
of elfvin wax and paperink lets create a LINK, I think,
I think it will.
ring true
magic is not constrained by physics of a picture

Friday, May 22, 2009

By popular demand

Cuthbert, Ga.--Emails have flooded in for weeks asking for ALRart.net webmaster Alistair Robin to join the Elf Wax Times staff. Therefore, a formal request was made Thursday following correspondence from the established writer/theologian. Should he accept it, his future work can be found here, at alrart.elfwax.com.

Bookmark this website (and his too while you're at it) and email it to any interested friends and colleagues who may find his research useful.

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